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This directory contains the Xinu operating system for the LSI-11. More details
are in README.lsi. The copyright details are in xinu-pdp11.README. Also note
that the Xinu distribution contains the `SunCHIP' (aka CHIP) C compiler and
assembler, both written in C:

----------------------------------- README ----------------------------

                                C H I P

Chip is the "Cornell Hypothetical Instructional Processor."  It has a
PDP11-like architecture and supports virtual memory.  A complete
description can be found in the technical report:

        Babaoglu, et al., Documentation for the CHIP Computer System,
        Technical Report TR83-584, Department of Computer Science,
        Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, 1983.

To run the simulator for this machine, you need a 4.1bsd (or newer) Unix
system. The distribution also contains a development environment for CHIP
containing a C compiler, assembler, loader and various other tools.  To
run the development software, you currently need Digital Equipment Corp.
VAX computer.  However, with minimal effort, all of this software should
be able to run on any host with UNIX.


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