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This directory contains various DEC odds and ends: microcodes, ROM images,
diags, VMS/Ultrix booters and bits, etc.

The following items are currently available:

pcs750.bin.V98	pcs750.bin 11/750 microcode patch file V98.

pcs750.bin.V99	pcs750.bin 11/750 microcode patch file V99. This is the correct
		V99, not the broken one that came with 4.3-Tahoe and later
		BSD distributions. This is the one I recommend using.

rabads.a.out	Ultrix rabads program, a.out version for putting onto a UNIX
		filesystem and loading via UNIX boot.

rabads.core	Ultrix rabads program, pure core version for putting onto
		console media and loading via console commands.